Izzy's 2-month checkup

Izzy had her 2-month checkup on Monday, and also her first round of immunizations. All-in-all, I think it went pretty well. She weighs 10 pounds and 7.5 ounces, and is 21 3/4 inches long. This puts her around the 25th percentile for both, which is just fine by me. I'd love to keep her this small for a long time, plus it makes it MUCH easier to carrier her, which is what she wants me to do most of the time :)

Here's little Izzy at the doctor:

She was quite a trooper through the shots as well. Joacim and I marveled at how fast the nurse was! Of course, she's had lots of practice too. Izzy cried as soon as the first one went in, but it took all of 5 seconds to do all of them, and then I nursed her a little right after, so she was fine. She then slept most of the day, which was good because it gave us a chance to run some errands.

We went up to World Market to look for a dining room set, and to get Joacim some more licorice. I found a small bookshelf for Izzy's room there too, so that was an added benefit of our trip. I LOVE that store....wish I could decorate our entire house from there!

Izzy and I had lunch with my friend Katie on Tuesday, and then went back to World Market to get the previously mentioned bookcase (it wouldn't fit in the car on Monday with the stroller, so Joacim and I swapped cars on Tuesday). I also stopped by Lilly to deposit some cheques and to check out the lactation rooms and pumps. I think I'm all set for that, with lots of help from Katie (thanks Katie!!!).

For the last 2 days I've been feeding Izzy bottles during the day so I can get some sort of an idea as to how much she's actually eating. Everytime I feed her, I then pump, and luckily the amount she's eating is pretty close to the amount I'm pumping, which is a big relief. I really had no idea how much she was eating, and even though I've asked the day care to feed her on demand, it's still nice to know that we're in sync.

Speaking of daycare...Izzy's will start a little trial run there next week. I plan on starting 4 hours on Monday, and then adding an hour every day (my sanity pending, of course :). This was good advice I got from Katie, so I'm going to try it. This is more about ME getting used to being without her for long periods of time, so that I don't have to do it my first day back to work. Plus, it might be good for Izzy too...she's definitely not used to the level of noise at the daycare, so it'll be good for her too. I met one of her teachers, Miss Kathy, last week, and she was very nice, but hopefully I'll get to meet her other teacher on Monday.

I can't believe on only have a little more than a week of maternity leave left. it has absolutely FLOWN by. I'm incredibly sad about it lately, and cry everytime I think about not being able to spend the whole day with Izzy. She's so fun...even right now, it's 10:00pm, and Joacim's holding her, and she's making all sorts of funny little noises. I know that the first few days are going to be a sgtruggle for me, because everyone's going to be asking about her, and I'll be thinking about her the entire time, but I know it'll get better.

Here's a video of chatty Izzy:

OMG!!! I almost forgot!!! Last night our little girl REALLY slept through the night!! She was asleep around 11:00pm, and didn't wake up until around 8:00 this morning!!! I've been trying this week to get her to sleep through the night, but I didn't think it would happen so soon!!! Granted, I can't say that doing it one night is exactly a "pattern", but it's a great start!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight!

Here are some photos from the clast couple of days of my wonderful little girl:

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