June 19, 2008

Today was a very nice day. We didn't have any plans, so we just took it easy today. I couldn't go back to sleep after Izzy's 4:00am feeding, so I was pretty wiped out. And Izzy kept making this grunting noise...she was sleeping right through it, but it was impossible for me to.

We did have a visitor this morning...the photographer that did Izzy's newborn photos stopped by to drop off the photos. Her name is Brandy Cunningham, and here's a link to her website Brandy Cunningham Photography

We think her photographs are amazing, and she really captured such special memories for us. Some other good news...Izzy (and maybe me, I'm not sure) will be on the cover of the July issue of Indy's Child magazine. Brandy called me while I was in the hospital with the good news that they asked her to do the cover shoot for July. They wanted a newborn, and since she knew I had just had Izzy, kindly asked us if we would pose for it. Anyway, check out her website if you get a chance....you'll be blown away!!!

Izzy had her first total meltdown today...Joacim and I were going for a walk with Murphy, and Izzy had been asleep for awhile, so I picked her up from her bouncy chair and put her in the car seat. She started fussing a bit, but I didn't worry too much because I figured the stroller ride would settle her down. Boy, was I wrong! It seemed as though every passing moment only escalated her crying, until she was nearly screeching!!! We only got about a half block away before I decided to take her back home to see if I could calm her down. It was the LONGEST walk back home, with my little munchkin so unhappy. She had actual tears that wet her hair, that's how bad it was. And as soon as I got her out of her seat and started to feed her, she went right back to sleep. This is the exact situation that makes me terrified to take her anywhere yet. She absolutely refuses a pacifier, so the only thing that soothes her 100% of the time (so far) is to be fed. And since that's not always convenient (especially when I'm by myself with her), I'm hesitant to go anywhere. However, the cabin fever I think I'm getting is winning out, and we're going to try to run some errands tomorrow. We're going to visit Joacim and Murphy at work (since it's "Take Your Dog To Work" day), and then run a few more errands after that (pending little miss tempermental :)

Here's a photo I took of Izzy this afternoon. Her onesie says "Daddy Does My Hair". I thought this was so cute, and since Joacim has a habit of messing with her hair after a bath, making her look like a lunatic, I thought it was appropriate:


Jill said...

Beautiful photos!!! I love, love, love them!!!

Kauffman said...

Sounds like Motherhood fits you well Jen! It gets easier and you'll get much more comfortable going out alone! Ben, can't wait until next summer and they can get out and play!! Let us know when your up for visitors, we would love to come by and get to know your beautiful baby.

Anna said...

Fantastic photos!!!

It all comes back to me when u tell me about your everyday worries. All though it has only been 8 months, I still have put that behind (kind of). I quess I have already gone to the next phase, as your friend calls it.

We are preparing for our holiday now. Leaving for Switzerland and Slovenia on Thursday. Driving down to Zurich to start of there for seven days and then continuing down to Portoroz for some lovely sunbathing and relaxing. I am very very nervous for this long drive down. =)

All the best to you both and big kisses to little Izzy. Do you ever call her Isabelle??

Take care