Hard to keep up!

Man, I never thought it would be so hard to keep up with the blog! It's been on my list of things to do for the last week now, but everytime I get ready to do it, it's 10:00 at night and time for bed. It feels like groundhog's day around here sometimes! And I really want to keep up with this because it's a great way to document all of the great things that Izzy is/will be doing.

Let's see...the last time I posted was last Thursday, and we were going to go to pappa's work on Friday for "Take Your Dog to Work" day. That was a great success, and Murphy had a fantastic time! Miss Izzy slept through all of it (much to the dismay of Joacim's co-workers :), but good for mamma and pappa! Here's a cute video of Murphy and Stacy playing tug-o-war:

Before we went to Joacim's work, I had to give Izzy a bath because she had a fantastic shitsplosion! Now, little Miss Isabelle HATES baths...she screams as if I'm pulling her fingernails out! And she's not been too excited about the whole pacifier thing. Some say I should be thankful for that, but I'm not. I just want her to be able to take one when she has a complete meltdown, because feeding her at that exact moment isn't always an option. Well, here's a video of her FINALLY taking the pacifier!!!

We haven't ventured out solo yet this week. I think we're going to visit pappa at work on Friday for lunch, but no other plans. We've been busy doing things at home though. Izzy played on her activity mat on Monday and here's a little video of it:

Isabelle also gets the hiccups quite a bit, and I finally got it on video!

Let's see...what else? Oh, our patio was FINALLY FINISHED today! We've been trying to get the contractor to come out and extend it since April, but haven't had much luck. He showed up at 7:30 this morning...wasn't too excited about the ungodly early hour (especially since the stone cutter machine was right by the bedroom window) but the we are thrilled with the results!

Well, Isabelle is asleep for now, so I guess I better take advantage of the time and hang out with Murphy for awhile. Bye for now!


Life Long Learner said...

Wow, Izzy is absolutely adorable! You're right that Brandy's photographs are awesome. Watching your little videos took me back to when Scott and Derek were small. Especially that huge pacifier. Derek had one just like that, only not in a pretty color! You seem to be jumping right into the role of motherhood. Congratulations! Aunt Diane

Jill said...

I want videos on my blog! He He. Thanks for sharing this stuff!