38 weeks

Sooo...I've made it to 38 weeks, and it still hasn't been too bad. Sure, it's getting a bit harder to sleep, and the heat that is supposed to be coming near the end of this week sounds miserable, but overall, it's still been great! I'll miss being pregnant, but I'll enjoy laying on my stomach again! :)

And I still love not working. I've definitely slowed down on household chores the last week or so, but that's because I haven't been sleeping all that well, and I've seriously stepped up the walking. The fear of being induced has got me walking more than I want, but if it helps, and it's natural, then I'll do it. It seems as though I must be making some progress now. I think I lost the mucous plug early Saturday morning, and have been having bloody show ever since, so that's gotta mean something, right? And today, I woke up having contractions. Granted, they aren't in the front, but I haven't had pains like this in my back....ever. I hope that I don't have back labor the entire time, but it's definitely getting more intense as the day progresses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I had lunch with my friend Katie and her son, Jared, today, and that was fun. Who knows how many more of these I'll get in the near future!

When we went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago, I got these great little decals to put on the wall behind the baby's crib. However, due to our textured walls, all of the work was wasted, because it all started to fall down a few hours after I finished. However, since I had a feeling that this might happen, I did take a photo real quick. It would've been so cute!!

Ok, just talked to my doula, and based off of what I described to her, she thinks I'm in early labor. Yippee!!!!! I pray she's right!!! I'll keep you all posted!

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Anna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Heard the good news this morning! Soooo happy for all three of you.
Yesterday I read on your blogg page and couldn't really figure out the whole Induction explanation. I have to admit, my english failed there =) But who cares now. You made it!

You must have waited it all out at home as Isabel only took a few minutes before she came out. Nicer to be at home as long as possible of course.

All the best to you Jenn, Isabel and Joacim. I know exactly how unreal and cool it feels. Hope u enjoy it at the most!!!!
Big Love from Anna Savannah and Dennis