Doctor appt. update

We had a doctor's appointment today to do the non-stress test (NST). It was right after lunch, and I'm sure I had eaten plenty of stuff (a Venti chai from Starbucks, lunch and then a Nutty Bar), but this little kiddo wasn't budging. It wasn't until they buzzed the baby with their nifty little tool that anything happened at all.

Then, when we were wrapping things up, my doctor starts talking about INDUCTION!!! Now, I don't know what the heck happened to my voice or my brain at this point, but I found myself saying, "Yeah, OK, next Tuesday...sure". THANK GOODNESS Joacim was there, asking me if I was OK with this. For some reason, I always thought I'd be able to stand up and say something if I didn't agree with it, but all sense left me at this point. My doc started talking about how he had been talking with a fetal maternal doc who knew about my kidney disease (and was treating some other patients), and thought it would be a good idea to induce. Now, last week, my protein started going up again, as did my blood pressure, but today everything was back to normal. So, the doctor agreed that we would go to labor and delivery next Tuesday to do another NST, and if that was OK and my blood pressure stayed low, then we can confortably continue. I REALLY want to avoid a chemical induction, as I'm pretty sure my pain tolerance is so low as to absolutely necessitate an epidural, which I DON'T want. I can't say enough how thankful I was that Joacim was there to be my voice.

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