33 weeks

Here's the latest photo....

Now, I look at this photo and think, "Holy Crap! I'm HUGE!!!" But apparently, I guess I'm not as big as I think I am (the doctor says that I've gained 12 pounds so far). We had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and my doctor thinks I'm measuring a bit small for 33 weeks, plus he thinks the baby's laying sideways right now, so we're going to get another ultrasound in 2 weeks. I was a bit freaked out about this at first, since everything has been so normal, but I'm ok with it now. The baby has been extremely active this week, which is a great sign. And I figure that, since the baby might be a little small, there's still plenty of room for it to move around a lot and still get into the right position before it's time, so I'm thinking that everything is going to be fine.

Oh my gosh...there's sooo much to do in the next few weeks!!! I have more work than I know how I'm going to get done before May 2 (which is my last day of work). Joacim spent the weekend trying to clear the treeline in the back so we can get a fence put in. Just this week we're meeting with a pediatrician tomorrow, we have a newborn care class Thursday night, we're putting in laminate flooring this weekend, plus my sister is having a baby shower for me this weekend.

Speaking of baby showers, I had one this weekend. My friends Rebecca and Stacy held it for me at Stacy's house, and it was so nice. My friend Sara made the cake, and I wish I had a picture to show you how adorable it was, but I'm going to have to get them from Rebecca. It's great getting all of the cute baby things and imagining what it's going to be like when the little Trunk makes his/her appearance. I can't wait!!

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