32 weeks

Getting rounder and rounder...thankfully not too much swelling (yet) :)

I've got the waddle...you know what I'm talking about....where a pregnant woman looks like she's waddling like a duck...I've tried to fight it, but it's just so much more comfortable to walk that way right now.

This little kidlet is SO active lately! Even right now it's rolling all over the place. I've read that babies like to move a lot, which is why you feel them moving so much at night when you're trying to sleep. But I can't figure out why the movements are so frequent today, since I've been up and about all day. I had to run a bunch of errands this morning, then I went outside to help Joacim clear the tree line in our backyard a bit more. We plan on fencing in our little backyard as soon as possible, but we have some trees that we need to clear out first, so we were working on that today.

Our laminate flooring came in this week too, so Joacim went and picked up most of it on Saturday morning. We still have a few boxes left, but he'll pick those up sometime this week. We (I guess I should really say "He") plan on trying to install in the last weekend of April.

I had a WONDERFUL massage on Saturday. My sister, Andrea, bought me a prenatal massage at this fantastic salon up on the north side. I actualy fell asleep during the last half hour, it was THAT good! We're going back in a few weeks to get a facial.

Only 4 more weeks of work left!!!!!! I get a bit freaked out because I have so much to do, but I'll get it done somehow. I just can't wait to start my maternity leave!

Gotta go for now...

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