31 weeks

Here's the side view at 31 weeks...

We had our last childbirth class this week (well, except for the make-up class we'll be taking near the end of April because of Joacim's travel a couple of weeks ago). Anyway, I'm really glad that it was the last one. I'm a bit disappointed in that whole class series, but we have 2 more to take (breastfeeding and newborn care), and I'm really looking forward to those. I've heard really good things about them both.

We also met with our doula, Erin, on Wednesday. It was more of an informational session, but I already feel more at ease with the whole birth process. We'll be meeting again in May to practice comfort measures and massage techniques.

we also purchased the laminate flooring for the house on Friday. We got a great deal on it, so it was nearly impossible to pass up. We don't plan on trying to install it until the first week of May (unless it drives us crazy!), but we're pretty excited about it. We wanted to get it done before Trunk jr. makes his/her appearance.

I really wasn't feeling well at all yesterday. You know that feeling you get when you wait too long to pee...like a stomach ache? Well, that's how I felt all day. Nothing seemed to help, and it actually felt worse to lie down. Weird..... We took Murphy for a walk at Southwestway Park in the morning, then for a bath, and then home to relax. I had a huge craving for a taco, so we went out to eat at El Azteca last night (felt MUCH better after that :)

I kinda feel like I'm rambling a bit! I think the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. Only 5 more weeks of work left, and then I'll get to sleep in a little more....That's all for now!

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