30 weeks

Here it is! My belly is 40 inches around at this time, and that's a bit difficult to wrap my head around. That's an 11 inch gain! Sleep is not coming very easily anymore, as the heartburn pills aren't always doing the trick. And my back is sooooo sore most of the time that there's little relief. I think I need to make more time for yoga, since that's about the best chance at relief that I have. I went to the YMCA on Saturday to float in the pool, and that felt GREAT! Unfortunately, I don't have a heated pool in my backyard, or else my problems would be solved! :)

Joacim is back now, thankfully! And hopefully that's the last trip before the baby's born. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, knowing that the possiblity exists. i tried to plan a quick "babymoon" to Florida in a couple of weeks, but I've waited too long...it doesn't make sense to pay that much money for such a short amount of time when we've talked about all of this little home improvement projects that we want to do, like fence in the backyard, laminate flooring and extending the patio. We've decided to stay at home and take it easy.

Not too much has happened since the last post, so this one will be short. Hope everyone is well!!!