29 weeks

Here's me at 29 weeks. I was reading an email from Baby Center that I got last night, and it said that I only have ~77 more days, and then it hit me.....HOLY CRAP!!! This is going to happen pretty soon. I know there's still over 2 months to go, but that doesn't seem like very long right now. I'm starting to get more and more tired, so it's making it hard to get anything done.

Joacim left for New York on Wednesday, and I had all of these grandiose plans of putting in a closet organizer in the nursery this weekend, but I pretty much knew by Saturday night that it wasn't going to happen. Murphy and I spent most of the day (and the next) lounging on the sofa. It's not so much being sleepy (although that is sometimes overwhelming too), but just getting so physically tired so fast!!! Even walking Murphy now feels like strenuous activity :)

And I picked a doula!!! It's a big relief to have that decided, so hopefully we can make some plans this coming week!

It's going to be a pretty busy week at work this week. I realized that I only have 7 more weeks before my maternity leave starts, and I still have a TON of things to do!!

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