23 weeks

So, here I am starting 23 weeks. Things are really starting to change now! I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and everything is going great. I've finally started gaining some weight now (about 4.5 pounds this last month), and the baby's heartbeat is good and strong and in the 150s. All in all, a rather uneventful (thankfully!) pregnancy.

The baby has really started to move this last week. I could literally sit and watch my belly move all day on Sunday. It feels so much more different than I ever imagined, but it's great! And Joacim got to feel the baby move too!

Yes, Joacim made it home safely very early Friday morning. He flew home a day early due to the snowstorm that we were supposed to get that never happened. It's GREAT having him back home again! And I think Murphy is pretty happy too. We played dress-up last night with Murphy.....Here's a photo...

Well, that's about it for now...until next time...

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