24 weeks

Almost 6 months!!! Seems like only yesterday I was looking at that little stick that said "Pregnant"! Time is flying, and it feels like there are a gazillion things to do now!!! Thankfully, Joacim spent the weekend painting the nursery.

Still not sure how I feel about the color, but I'm sure it'll feel different once we get furniture in there. Hopefully we'll order that next week and start the baby registry. I need to schedule all of the childbirth classes too! Ahhhh!!! Soo many things to remember!

We had a great weekend though! My sister, Brianne, came and spent the weekend with us, and was a HUGE help! She's great at entertaining Murphy, and based off of this picture, I think she had a great time too!!!

The baby's still moving quite a bit. Poor Joacim...every time he trys to feel the baby, all movement stops. He's calling this the "Chad" syndrome, after our neighbor Chad. They just had a baby, and he said that their baby would do the same thing. Too bad Joacim can't feel all of the little kicks that I'm feeling..sometimes it feels like the little mini is dancing on my bladder!

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Margaret said...

Hi Jenn,
I like the color for the nursery.
Can't wait to see the furniture.