22 weeks

Here's a side shot at the beginning of 22 weeks. I was really starting to "feel" pregnant this week. I was finding it difficult to bend over and tie my boots, or do some of the movements at Pilates class on Wednesday. I'm not really all that physically big at this point, but I can definitely feel the changes.

The baby has been VERY active the last two days. Sometimes it feels like that feeling you get when you're driving down a country road and go over a tiny little hill..you know...that crazy little butterfly feeling, and sometimes it just feels like bubbles in my belly. Murphy was laying on my lap earlier, and I don't think the baby was liking the pressure Murphy's head was putting on his/her space, because he/she was kicking wildly. I can't believe that little muffin couldn't feel it! I can actually sit here and watch my belly move sometimes. It's the craziest feeling! I mean, sometimes I want it to settle down a little because it's so strange, but then I think about how long I waited to finally feel it and realize I want more!!!

I have to say that I REALLY miss Joacim. I thought I'd be OK with him travelling for a couple of weeks, but I over-estimated my ability and under-estimated the help he's been given me. It's exhausting having to do all this myself, and I can't wait for him to get home!!! I think I've asked him a dozen times to promise me that he'll be home this Friday :) And I think Murphy misses him quite a bit too. He's doesn't get near the amount of playtime with Mommy that he does with Daddy, so I'm sure that Joacim won't get a moments peace when he gets home.

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