A trip to Space!

We were feeling a bit stir-crazy in the house, and decided to head to the Science Museum of Minnesota to check out their new "experience".  I think this must've been opening weekend, because it took us 45 minutes to get through the line for tickets, and most of the IMAX shows were sold our until later that evening, so we did't get to see that part, but hopefully we'll be able to go back and do that because I LOVE IMAX movies!

This picture doesn't quite do the astronaut behind her justice.  It's MASSIVE, and it's hanging from the ceiling.

There was a short movie you watch before you get back into the full exhibit.  It's not part of the regular museum admission, but it's totally worth the extra fee.

What I love about this is that it's an exhibition that focuses more on the future of space rather than the past.  It gives people a great opportunity to see what life is like in space, from the food they eat, the clothes they wear, and how they go to the bathroom!

There are quite a few hands-on areas as well, like this one where people can control the robot arm, simulating what it's like to control the robot arm on the space shuttle.

I wish I could've taken more photos, but it was pretty dark in the exhibit.  There were SO many people there, and the line for some of the displays/activities were so long that we weren't able to wait, but I really hope to go back!

After leaving the exhibit, you had to walk through another exhibit that had quite a few artifacts from the Indians that used to live in Minnesota.  There was a lot of amazing and intricate bead work on clothing, and they also had this station set up where kids could pretend that they were weaving a blanket with bundles of colored yarn.  I think Izzy could've sat here for hours.

This was also pretty amazing!  It's a beautiful piece of art made entirely out of different types of true bark.  Isn't it beautiful?

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