We have a kindergartener!!!!

I think I've spent 5 years working up to this day, yet I was still amazed at how incredibly emotional it became for me.  Five years of raising this little wonder, and now ready to turn her over to the world.  Okay, maybe it sounds like I'm being a tad bit dramatic, and maybe I am, but it WAS dramatic and wonderful all at the same time.

I wanted a little keepsake for Izzy on this day, so I found this little printout...so cute!

And we kept the same morning routine.

It was a lovely, WARM first day of school.

And, of course, I had to get the memorable photo.  You can see that she was more interested in what was going on next door though :)

But I WAS able to get a photo of her looking at me.  She looks so BIG!!!

This was going on next door.  The bus stops here, and all of the other kids were outside waiting for the bus.  I thought about letting Izzy ride the bus, but decided that I wanted to take her on the first day.

Once we got to school, she got shy, but thankfully her teacher is incredible and clearly great at getting the kids to warm up.  Izzy's picking out her nametag in the above photo.

shy Izzy....

Izzy LOVES her new teacher, Mrs. Langan :)

And the Jonathan Jaguar made an appearance as well :)

There goes my little girl!!!

Izzy had a fantastic first day of school.  She was excited to tell us all about it, and even more excited to go again the next day.  Success!!!

The next day was my birthday, and there's nothing better than getting that hug first thing :)

Since it was Friday and we were both home, Joacim and I decided to let Izzy ride the bus.  I had a conference call, so the pleasure fell to Joacim.  It was a bit chillier this particular morning, but Izzy insisted on wearing this, so who's gonna argure with her?

Look at how excited she is seeing the bus?

BIG girl!!!  The little boy next to her is our neighbor who's also in kindergarten.

The same night we headed out to a high-school football game.  Our neighbor was playing, and a bunch of us went to see him play.

Izzy did a great job throughout the game, but towards the end we were both a bit stir crazy.  It was VERY warm that night, and a lot of the boys were cramping during the game, which made it a bit longer than normal.  But in the end, the home team (and the one we were rooting for) won!

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Rob Monroe said...

Hooray and congratulations! She's adorable, as always!