Slip 'n Slide

Izzy starts school tomorrow, so I took today off of work so we could have a day filled with fun things for her.  I had planned on taking her to Lifetime fitness to go swimming in the outdoor pool, but I apparently didn't get the memo because they CLOSED the pool after Labor Day.  Seriously???  It's nearly 90 degrees still!!!  Of course, this didn't dampen her spirits....she just wanted to go into the indoor pool, which we did.  There were only a couple of other people in the entire pool, and I think she got a little bored.  It was FREEZING cold too, and I got yelled at when I tried to take a video of her (meanies), so I "convinced" her that she'd rather go home and play on the SLIP 'N'SLIDE!!!!  And honestly, by the look of her face in these pictures, I think I was right ;)

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