Preschool graduate!

Sad as it was, I wasn't able to make it to Izzy's preschool graduation due to a work commitment.  Thankfully Joacim was able to go and snap this cute photo of our little graduate.

We've decided to send Izzy to kindergarten in the fall.  We weren't really sure what the right thing was to do, but after talking to a colleague, and seeing Izzy's capabilities in preschool, we both think it's time.  So, with that decision officially made, we have to register her for kindergarten.  We haven't done that yet as we're still trying to figure out if we're going to do half-day or full-day (full-day isn't mandatory here yet).  But before we can register her, we needed to do kindergarten screening to see if she's mentally ready and to screen for any behavioral issues.

I'm happy to report that my child is a genius.  Yes, a genius.  I was absolutely beaming when she was interacting with the testers and ace-ing everything.  Yes, I'm being ridiculous, I know...but I don't care.  She performed like a champ, and is 100% ready for school!!!  This is absolutely wonderful news, yet makes me so sad at the same time because it's another milestone indicating how far we are away from this:

OMG.....LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!  Glad she's still got her dimple :)

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Rob Monroe said...

Sad now? Wait for the first day of school next year! (not in a bad way, just a different way...)

Abby was on the young side for her class last year in Kindergarten. It was hard for me to remember that when we walked in and there were other children that were reading TO their parents.

By the end she was right with them on pretty much everything, but just keep in mind that some of them will have already turned six because of cut off days, and don't let that intimidate you! She will learn from them!