Happy 5th Birthday, Izzy!!!

Izzy's 5 years old!!!!!

Her gifts when she woke included Brave tattoos, a blinking princess crown and donut holes.

I went to the party store the evening before her birthday to get a dozen balloons and some streamers to decorate her room as a surprise when she woke up.  She absolutely LOVED this!

I think she put this tattoo on before she even broke into the donuts!

The thing I didn't think about was Lemmy's love and fascination with strings, particularly those attached to the previously-mentioned balloons!

This was Izzy's BIG present...a mini trampoline.  Check out the photo bomb by Rosie :)

Oh yeah, do we know our little Izzy or what?

She's practicing her gymnastics straddle jump

After jumping for a bit, we had a call from Farmor and Farfar wishing Izzy a happy birthday

and made some Pinkalicious cupcakes

Then Daniel and Caroline stopped by to give Izzy a birthday gift

She got a spirograph and paint splatter kit from them.  Great gift for her artistic side!
We took a trip down to the playground in our neighborhood later in the day.  This was the first really nice day we had had in a LOOOOOONG time, and we tried to enjoy it as much as possible.

These pics weren't taken on her birthday, but they were presents she got from Farmor and Farfar that were personally delivered by Janne, so I thought I'd add them here.

Pippi Longstockings!!! How FANTASTIC!!!
I truly believe Izzy had a great birthday.  I'm really glad that we are still able to keep them small, and I'm glad we cut back on all of the gifts.  I think it helped her focus more on the day rather than things, and that's a good thing.  Happy happy birthday, Loppan!

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Rob Monroe said...

That looks like a great way to start off a big year!