A trip to see the eagles, Annika and a lost tooth :)

We had a good friend from Sweden, Annika, visiting this past week for a whole week! Sadly, we didn't do a whole bunch due to the weather, but I hope she enjoyed her time here and was able to rest up and hang out with her bestie, Joacim :)

We decided to take a road trip to Wabasha, MN to visit the National Eagle Center.  Joacim had heard about this awhile ago, and I had just had a customer meeting in Wisconsin that took me on a beautiful drive, so we decided to head that way.  Our first stop was Prescott, WI to grab a bite to eat at Muddy Waters.  It would've been nice to sit outside, but the weather wasn't cooperating so we headed inside.

cute photo with Izzy and Annika

I'm calling this the corn dog that ate my daughter's tooth.  Izzy's tooth had been loose for weeks, and I had JUST mentioned to her that maybe it would fall out on her birthday.  Not 2 minutes later, I saw that she had a gaping hole in her gum, but no tooth.  She must've swallowed it while she was eating.  I think I freaked out over happiness (such a momentous occassion!) but I scared her a bit, and she didn't want to show anyone. :(

This was a cool sign that I had to get a photo of.

I WISH I could remember the names of the eagles, but they were all captivating.

As you can tell by the photo, Izzy was feeling less than cooperative at this particular moment.

Eagles don't really like people all that much.  I was just afraid I was going to make it mad :)

Nope, no better the 2nd time around.

it's really quite a lovely place dedicated to education

There was an interactive area where you could make an etching of eagles.  Izzy and I  did this with plans to send them to some of our favorite people :)

An eagle's nest is HUGE!

The center overlooks one of the mating areas of local eagles in the winter.  We're definitely coming back then to see them!

She perked up when we had the chance to play with the eagle puppets :)

This eagle's name is Angel (almost looks like she's praying, doesn't it?)

She was pretty vocal....

This video shows how cool these eagles are....the first one is Angel looking out the windows at the wild eagles across the river.  Their eyesite is unbelievable, and when one of the wild eagles starting flying, Angel got very territorial.  The 2nd video is all of the other eagles chiming in.  As you can tell, it got pretty loud in there :)

May 25 2013 - Angel checking out an eagle outside from Jenn Trunk on Vimeo.

May 25 2013 - eagle warning calls from Jenn Trunk on Vimeo.

This is the oldest eagle at the center (name escapes me)


Izzy wasn't all that willing to smile for me yet to show me her lost tooth....

I eventually wore her down :)  The girl can't stay smile-less for long...

But it didn't take long for today's activities to wear her out completely

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Rob Monroe said...

Love everything about this - always fun to have guests to show off to!