Home improvements

I haven't posted in a bit because we've been busy doing a lot of household improvement / organization projects.

We finally finished up our bathroom downstairs, although I STILL don't have a completed photo because I haven't hung the photos yet, so until that happens, no photo.  But I digress.


Here was our deck under construction
It's beautiful, isn't it? 
 And those 2 little boxes to the lower-right of the photo are my new garden boxes that Joacim built me for Mother's Day.  I LOVE having a garden, and it was something I sorely missed last year.  I had seen a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, and this is the culmination of a few pins on there.

We didn't want to set them on top of the grass, so we cut out the sod where they would sit and ripped it up.  We re-used it in the front of our yard where we had some dead spots.

The front section is for herbs, the middle for onions, lettuces and whatever else I can think of, and the back end is for tomatoes.  The trellis will be used to help the plants climb up instead of out.  Sooooo excited!  Now I just need to get some dirt and some plants :)
And this is our first storage shelf downstairs.  Joacim and I started this project last week, but it was so nice that we quit and enjoyed the weather.  Since it was rather crappy today, and his friend Annika is here (who actually enjoys things like this) they went to town and finished them up.  The look GREAT!

I'm thrilled with the way everything's turning out.  We can finally enjoy our backyard and clean up our basement!!!

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