Photos from Sweden

I talked to Joacim and Izzy about an hour ago, and they were getting ready to head to the airport in Copenhagen.  I can't believe these 2 weeks are gone.  Like the blink of an eye....gone.  And I got absolutely NOTHING done, except A LOT of quiet TV watching and snuggling with the dogs.  Izzy, however, looks like she had an AMAZING trip.  She was really sad this morning when she realized she was leaving farmor and farfar, and decided she wanted to stay.  Clearly, I'm lower on the totem pole than I'd like to be, but I LOVE the fact that our live allows us to provide her with these opportunities.  Okay, enough words...on to the photos
after bath

This is a dress she got for Christmas that's a wee bit too big, but she can still pull it off :)

Visiting with Janne and Marie and her daughters.  They're coming to visit us this June :)

Kalle.....sweet Kalle

Facetiming with Izzy

Izzy trying to peer into my brain

Izzy at some reptile zoo...no idea where this was, but Joacim loves stuff like this so, naturally, she does too.

Izzy with Farmor


This is Izzy eating.  I'm thinking that Gwen was a good influence :)

How great is it to have a playmate that's nearly your exact same age (they're 5 days apart) that you're related to!

Apparently these tattoos are not strictly an American thing.

We gave Farfar this picture of Izzy for his birthday

Exploring the loft

I just think this is a funny look on her face....

They went to Disney on Ice while visiting.  I actually haven't heard too many stories about this yet, but I'm sure I will when she gets home.


Visiting Martin, Kali and Ia.  She was just a BABY when I saw them last....look at how BIG she's gotten!

I'll take a flag like this over one of those blinky-wand things they sell

And a little snuggle with both before bed.
i'm glad I had this time to myself, but I'll be glad to have my family home too.  I know that Joacim took a bunch of videos, and I'll post those later....these photos all came across Photostream via IOS, but it doesn't pull over videos, so I'll have to wait.

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Rob Monroe said...

Looks like she had an amazing time - and you're right about how wonderful it is for them to have a similar-aged cousin sometimes for influence.