Her first big adventure

Izzy and Joacim left for Sweden on Monday.  He's finishing up the 2nd part of a training class, and she's visiting Farmor and Farfar.

I'm sitting here watching the rest of a movie that I started last October.  On a Wednesday night.  By myself.  And it's just weird.

Packing up her stuff was the easy part.

It was leaving her at the airport that wrecked me.

Thank goodness Joacim is trying his best to make sure I'm on the journey with her as much as possible.  On the train between terminals at O'Hare...

Zoned out on the TV

I think if I walked by her on the plane looking like this, I might kidnap her :)

And off the plane in Copenhagen

And completely passed out on Farmor and Farfar's sofa

I'm happiest because she's happy.  And we're actually having conversations on the phone.  I can hear her smile whenever we talk, and this is a great experience for her.

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