Toys for Trees

One of the other fun things we did while Joacim was gone was attend a "Toys for Trees" event that our realtor puts on every year.  We bring toys, and they give us a tree or a wreath.  I'm glad I know this for next year so we can get a REAL tree.

  Apparently the event was previously held at their office,  but it's grown so much that they moved it to Camp Tanadoona, which is a nearby summer camp for kids.
It was in the morning, and they served pancakes, sausages and snacks.  This is Izzy actually eating something :)

And she spoke with Santa.  She's showing him the notebook that Alfie left her.

She was a bit nervous, but she did it!!!!

This is always what I imagined a camp to be.  Can't wait for the day that Izzy gets to do things like this

They also had a hayride that was pulled by these two beautiful beasts.


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Rob Monroe said...

Looks like a wonderful place and a great time - love her purse, too!