Swedish Christmas on Christmas Eve

Our dear friends, Daniel and Caroline, invited us over to their house to celebrate Christmas, Swedish style.  Caroline's family was visiting from Sweden, and we were going over to watch the traditional Swedish cartoons and partake of the lovely julbord :)

but first we had to pretty up our nails and have some girl time
I'm pretty sure that we were watching the typical Swedish cartoons in this photo (Kalle Anka,or Donald Duck as we American's know it).  We didn't do it at 3:00pm (which is tradition), but we DID watch them :)

Caroline and her mother made a huge amount of wonderful food....LOTS of yummy meat :)

And here is Joacim in his sexy ugly sweater :)  He wore this to our neighbor's party the week before.  It's so funny because it totally shrunk after I washed it, and went almost half-way up his back!

Sill (or herring...whatever you want to call it, it's still gross ;)


Izzy essentially redecorated their Christmas tree.  We don't do tinsel on ours due to Lemmy eating it, so she was intrigued, and kept replacing it

Cute little Christmas troll

beautiful angel-wing ornament...not sure if there's any personal value to this for Daniel or Caroline, but it's lovely

Here's the julstjärna (or Christmas Star).  It seems like their in nearly every window in Malmö during the holiday season

We had a lovely time, and want to thank Daniel and Caroline and her family for inviting us to spend Christmas with them.

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Rob Monroe said...

Looks like a perfect way to celebrate! I'm with you on the fish, though... :)