Holidazzle Parade

One of the traditions here in Minneapolis is the Holidazzle parade.  It's sponsored by Target, and runs along Nicollet Mall every Thursday through Sunday from Thanksgiving weekend to Christmas.  Of course we waited until the last minute to go, but I think it was worth it.  The lights were great, but it was COLD AS HELL.  Apparently there are heated seats you can buy, which is exactly what we'll do next year.  And if we don't get a hold of those, then we're wearing our snow suits!
we had dinner at Kieran's Irish Pub beforehand, and it was fantastic

typical Irish pub atmosphere, but cozier

especially with the table lamps and firepit

Joacim wanted a picture of his perfect pour

Izzy was intensely focusing on her coloring skills

And then it was time to wait for the parade.  I cannot begin to describe how cold it was....

But look at all the people (even in the skywalk!)  This is a big tradition here!

FINALLY the floats (notice the Target bullseye logo on the "elf" suspenders

Wizard of Oz float

with accompanying bicycling Wicked Witch of the East

Even Nicholas David (3rd runner up from The Voice) made an appearance

and finally the finale


and SANTA!!!

And then back to the car as fast as humanly possible.  I'm so glad I started keeping a blanket in the car..it was desperately needed for Izzy's cold feet.  She wore Chuck Taylor's, and her feet were freezing (her decision, not mine :)

and then we heard about a crazy blinky house in Waconia, so we headed there before home....they weren't kidding....this family went crazy all-out for the lights (I bet the neighbors must hate them with all the traffic they generate in the cul-de-sac :)

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Rob Monroe said...

We have a place that does fireworks for New Years - snow on the ground was nothing compared to the bitter wind. Lucky for us we showed up just in time and left as soon as they were done.

Love the floats!