Santa was good to the Trunk family this year...he even got Lemmy a mini-condo!

little snugglebutt wanted to get in on the action

Yes, she let us sleep in (thank you iPad) 

Santa got her a Tag reader because Izzy is so ready to learn to read now :)

Rosie and Murphy also received some gifts.  This is a little racoon-thing that has a plastic water bottle in it  for that crinkle sound.  Sadly, that didn't last long with this dog...

Dec 25 2012 - Murphy protecting his toy from Jenn Trunk on Vimeo.

I had a pen made for Joacim by the husband of a friend of mine that I worked with at Eli Lilly.  It's a hand-carved wooden pen with a bullet casing at the end and a real trigger action to activate the pen.  It's beautiful and amazingly intricate.  He loved it ;)

Santa got Pappa an eyepiece for his Swarovski binoculars to replace the one that was lost on our houseboat trip this past summer

I got Izzy a Wii game, Just Dance 4, because I think it's time for her to be able to play.  She has to stand on the sofa in order for the Wii to "see" her, but she didn't mind.  

Just Dance 4 is HARD.  I was exhausted after one Carly Rae song (yes, Call Me Maybe), so we played carnival games like skee-ball instead.

And Santa's reindeer DID partake of the food

See all of the deer prints?

I told you it didn't last long.  It lost an ear after the first hour, and a couple more later it was without a tail.  By the end of the day I had to get rid of the pieces..poor poor racoon :)

We had such a great day just hanging out, playing games, and truly enjoying every second of it!

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Rob Monroe said...

I ditched my camera for Christmas - not sure why, just did. I'm regretting it now that I see all of your awesome shots!