A little snow and a party

We had a little snow this morning....

Izzy wanted to help Pappa shovel

she actually caught on pretty quickly....cute photo of the 2 of them

and then a little sofa-snuggle with Rosie

That night was a Christmas party at Daniel and Caroline's house

we had a gift exchange with a crazy and fun game involved...a little Swedish tradition from Caroline

photobomb by Daniel

Daniel again :)

and Carro

and Izzy in her shiny gold dress....wish I would've taken a better photo of her and the entire dress
I didn't take my nice camera to the party.  I wanted a night off from picture taking and just wanted to enjoy it, and I thoroughly did :)  Thanks Daniel and Caroline for hosting!

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Caroline Hurst Andersson said...

It was a fun night, love the picture of all the gifts and Shannon behind the mountain of them, it really catches what the game is all about, lots and los of gift fighting for moahahahaha!