Zoo trip!

It seems like forever ago now, looking back at the pictures, but it wasn't too long ago that we took a little trip to the zoo. Still trying to squeeze the most out of outdoor activities that we can :)

These wolves are beautiful...and occasionally they'll look at you, and it absolutely captivates...

This mamma and her baby were having a good time playing chase.  Mamma's taking a drink here....I think I forgot to take a photo of her cub!

This is a beautiful carving into the Woodland Adventures area at the zoo, which is essentially the playground.  I don't know if you can see it or not, but there are several animals carved on the outside edge.  Beautiful craftsmanship.

One of the new tiger cubs

I could sit and watch them play all day....

Caroline and Daniel went along with us, which we always enjoy

I hope she remembers this so that one day she can return the favor :)

This is pretty typical of our wagon....full of lots of stuff and a little bit o' kid

new snow leopard cubs...lots of babies at the zoo this time!

At the end of the visit, on the way out of the zoo, there were several hay bales set out with fall decor around, so I thought it'd be nice to have a photo of the three of us (Joacim, Izzy and I) in there, especially since we had people with us willing to take a picture.  Here's the results....

Success!!!  Yeah...not really.  She's in a bit of a stage right now where she's a bit...oh.....difficult.  :)  Thinking maybe I should use this for our Christmas card :)

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Rob Monroe said...

Hey, use it for the Christmas card if that's what defines your family, and I'm pretty sure it is! Love the pictures - especially the tiger cubs!