Carver County Fair

Last weekend, while I was participating in a photo walk in downtown Minneapolis, Joacim and Izzy went to the Carver County Fair.  Their intent was to go to the demolition derby, but apparently it's quite popular here and they couldn't get in, but that didn't stop them from having a good time (well, at least Izzy did :)

required fair corn dog

When they got home, Joacim told me about their day, but said that Izzy LOVED the cattle roping.  By the sound of her in this video, I concur.

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Rob Monroe said...

Good job getting him to take pics - when Anny takes off without me, she also leaves the camera behind! I want to hear more about the photo walk, too! I keep wanting to do that but am nervous because I have a lower end camera and don't want to appear a fool!