Quick post

Because life is crazier than it's ever been, I'll keep this brief ;)

We still have crazy weather, and amazing skies.  We aren't suffering from any drought here...

Izzy's still awesome

WOOOHOOOO!  We have grass!  And a driveway!  And a sidewalk!  And landscaping!  (eventually I'll get a picture of all of it together :)

So here's the premise for this photo.  At her school, she picks out some object from a box (blind, I'm guessing), and then tells a story in a minute and they write down what she says.  See....I told you she's awesome.  And smart :)

Someday....oh someday....I'll post about Joacim's parents' visit.  Life has been a bit "unscheduled" for the past 5 weeks, with their visit and my new job.  Plus I have 1500 photos to go through :)  Okay, so realistically, it could be awhile.

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Rob Monroe said...

Seriously, she could not be any cuter!

(Congrats on the lawn, though now that you have grass you have to keep up with mowing it!)