What have we been doing since we got here?

This is kind of a catch-up post...

We lived in an apartment temporarily until our house was done.

I went to Washington, DC on behalf of the National Kidney Foundation for World Kidney Day (back in March)

We played on the playground at the apartment

We visited St. Paul on St. Patrick's Day...we had NO IDEA how big of a deal it was here!

We FINALLY moved into our new house

Izzy helped me cook (protection required, apparently

We celebrated Easter with new friends

We celebrated housewarmings of new friends

Izzy got to meet some new friends

Izzy worked on perfecting her cycling skills

And her artistic skills

We attempted to build a telescope.  We have, as yet, to figure out how to use the darn thing.

We occasionally wore head protection in unnatural places, like the sofa in the loft.

We build a sofa in order to have guests stay comfortably.

We started making our own natural cleaning and skin agents.

We bought a freezer in preparation for the CSA's that we've joined

We worked on riding her bike

We went to the Chaska Community Center to go swimming

We played dress-up for school

And got pink here for a bit

We saw a great concert....Florence & The Machine....amazing...

We started cooking extras on Sundays in order to fill up that freezer

We planted some herbs since we aren't going to be able to have a garden this year

We've had guy's night at our place while the gals went to dinner and a movie

And I bought the most amazing cocoon pillow

And that pretty much about sums it up.  There's more, of course, but this is a pretty good summary, I'd say.  All I know is that I love it here....honestly couldn't be any happier here.

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Rob Monroe said...

Izzy is just so damned cute! Glad you are getting settled in. :)