Out for a walk

Sunday morning was beautiful (Sunday night...not so much).  After my faceplant, we decided to take the dogs out for a walk in the empty field behind us (before it fills up with 68 new houses (ugh).

I think it's actually incredible how fast Rosie is when she's off-leash, especially considering she had hip surgery.  She is THE HAPPIEST little dog here!

A little friend hopped along for a short ride

She was clearly having a great time

Trying to blow apart the dandelions

Lovely little wildflowers

And she's a good helper with the dogs, especially in the "dishing out treats" department.

At this point, Rosie's either hiding, or trying to cool off.

We took the long way home, which takes us down a gravel road to the backside of the development.   I hadn't been here before, and I'm so glad I finally got the chance.  It's a lovely lovely spot.

DEFINITELY trying to cool off in this one...I love how she's splayed out here.

I think this is going to be one of my favorites now...

There's even a pony at the barn on the property.  Who knows how long this little guy will be here.  A bit skittish right now, but hopefully will warm up so I can get some closer shots.

Just a lovely walk and wanted to share.  Thanks for reading!


Liza said...

just beautiful!

Rob Monroe said...


I can totally see a picture you Izzy sitting on that white fence in a year! :)