Last week

Tomorrow is the first day of y last week of work at Lilly. I'm excited to start a new chapter, but also so sad that this one is coming to an end. I've grown up a lot, career-wise, at Lilly.

When I moved here I didn't know anyone, but right away, people invited me into their lives, Liza invited me to a party at her house, and normally I wouldn't have gone because I was too shy, but I did go, and we've been friends ever since.

There are so many people I've met, some that have become what I hope are lifelong friends. That's always been hard in the past, but with Facebook and chat and everything else, I'm hoping that won't be the case this time.

So much to do this week at work. I haven't even started cleaning out my cubicle...I have a lunch every day this week. I'm glad it's like this though...hopefully it won't make it as hard to walk out those doors for the last time on Friday.


Rob Monroe said...

I hate leaving a job that you love - I have done it twice now. (Might be doing it again soon... eek!)

Have fun with it. Remember that they love you as much as you do them and just soak up every minute!

Sarah said...

((wipes away tears)) I hope we can get together a few more times before your actual move!