Horses, bathtime and pancakes :)

Last weekend, Izzy and I headed up north to stay with my friend Emily.  Emily is awesome.  We reconnected through Facebook and I was fortunate enough to take her maternity and newborn photos.  Now that she's relocated, we can hang out more.  Izzy LOVES Emily, but even more so now because she realizes that Emily has a horse :)

This is Cole.  Cole is big.  And Beautiful.  And a bit noisy :)  When we first entered the stables, he made quite a sound as he whinnied (please forgive me, Emily, if that's not the right word.  Us non-horse people have no idea how to speak your dialect ;)  Anyway, Emily, smart one that she is, though it would be good to bring a few treats, of which Izzy is trying to feed Cole.
Cole likes to have his picture taken.  I swear every time I put the camera up to my face that he came in for a close-up.
Here's a little bit better one.  The weather wasn't quite cooperating outside, so we had to stay inside for this visit, but we hope to come back very soon and see him outside.
This place that Emily boards Cole is called Rosebud Ranch and it's beautiful!  They have an indoor arena that Cole got to play around in.
I was so impressed with Izzy.  Cole is big to ME, so I can only imagine how she feels.  there wasn't a lot of room to run away from Cole in this walkway, but she did a pretty good job.

Look at this multi-tasking Mamma!!!

When it was time to go, I'd say that Cole wasn't quite ready, but he eventually came around.
We...I mean Izzy and I, LOVED it, and we can't wait to go back to visit him again
When we got back to Emily's, she cooked dinner and we all enjoyed some time outside.  Here are my puffy feet, which seem to have taken on a life of their own recently.
Izzy was pretty happy at this point too!
After a yummy dinner (Izzy ate a freakin' pork chop!  wooohooo!), it was bath time for the kiddos.  Lucy had to be on this one too.  I'm surprised she didn't jump in.

And here's a not-so-happy Will.
Do you see the dirty look he's sporting?  I'm sure it's one of many to come, right Emily?
But a little kiss makes it all better.

The next morning, Emily made us a fantastic breakfast of blackberry pancakes, eggs, cereal....yummy. Izzy brought baby Chloe with her, but she's started to prefer her unclothed. Emily tried to help Chloe out, but it didn't last long.

It was a nice day/night away from the norm, and I needed it. Thanks Emily, Will and Lucy! Hope to see you soon!

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