Rosie's Rehab

Rosie started rehab last week. I have to say that she's doing remarkable well, considering what she's been through. The first couple of weeks she was bearing very little weight on the leg, but after the first rehab session we can already see a difference. If she wants to get somewhere fast then she hops on 3 legs because...well, it's MUCH faster for her right now.

She'll have rehab every Wednesday for the next six weeks, and I'm sure she's going to be her rosy (ha! get it? Rosie/rosy?) old self again. We can already see her personality back, and she's been released for some moderate play with Murphy, and that's made her VERY happy.

I just wanted to share a few videos of her first rehab session to show you all what it's like. I'm very impressed with her surgeon and the facility...would recommend Circle City Vets to anyone, and especially Dr. Kate Fitzwater. Thank you!

This is a video of Rosie and the underwater treadmill.

And here's Rosie taking a little break. She was working really hard!

A floatie was being used on her good leg to try to force her to walk on the leg/hip that had surgery

This was cute because Dr. Fitzwater had said that Rosie would probably cock her head to the side when she heard the water drain, and that's exactly what she did :)

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