My friend Sarah and I were FINALLY able to get together to have some grown-up time while her daughter, Mady, and Izzy got to have some kid-time.

Mady is just a couple of months older than Izzy, and she has a very similar personality.  I was fortunate enough to take their family photos in the fall of 2009, so I had met Mady already, but she was still a bit shy when she got here.  The girls opened up with a little tea party.

 While the girls were playing, Sarah and I nerded it up and got her all hooked up on Facebook (wooohooo!), compared apps on our iPads, and played with our cameras.  Pretty dorky when in writing, but fun in actualty :)
It's so funny to see our girls with our gadgets.  Mady and Izzy both LOVE our iPads and iPhones.  Whenever Sarah sat one of them down, Mady was making a move to hijack it.  Izzy's the same way, so it was hice to see that I wasn't alone.
 And they were sweet enough (ha!  get it?) to bring some yummy cupcakes as a snack.

 I swear if Izzy had two more hands she'd be shovin' them in her mouth to eat the cupcake faster!
 And here's my friend, Sarah, who hates having her picture taken.  But hey, she entered a photographer's home...did she REALLY think she was going to get away without getting a snapshot taken?  :)
I can't believe how fast the time flew by!  I take it as a good sign...the girls were good and played well, we got to talk, and cupcakes to boot!  A good day indeed!  Thanks Sarah and Mady!  Next time we'll hang out at your place and Mady can show Izzy all of HER toys :)

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