Recipe of the Day - Orecchiette with Roasted Tomatoes and Feta

Never have I actually posted a recipe of the day WHILE I'M STILL EATING IT (thank you, Dora the Explorer :)  No recipe here folks....just one hungry mamma!  I had a great workout, was good on my WW points today and had a few extra, so I wanted a treat.  I boiled some orechiette pasta (nice because it's bowl-shaped and holds the goodies) and sauteed some grape tomatoes in garlic-infused olive oil.  Once those were both done, I combined them and added some parsley (because it's pretty), some chives and some dill, and then topped it with feta cheese.  I'm pretty sure this is yummy, but since I burned half of my tongue testing to see if the pasta was done, I'm not sure :)  BE CAREFUL!!!

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