Dec 28 - visit to Trader's Point

It seems as though we're making this an annual event!  For the past 3 years we've gone to Trader's Point Creamery between Christmas and New Year's.  The first year, Izzy was only 6 months old, and Joacim's parents were visiting.  Last year and this year it's just the 3 of us, but we have a great time.  And there's nothing better after hanging out in the cold with the cows than a bowl of their organic chili in The Loft restaurant.  AHHHHmazing.  
But, before we could go to Trader's Point, we had to get ready. Izzy got a hair-styling set for Christmas and this was her first time to use it.
And then I was treated to a little jam session from my budding rock star
I LOVE taking photos of these cows...

These are the brand new babies..lying in the manger.

I don't think she had any idea how CLOSE this calf was to her head!

Look at the crazy horns on this one
When I said babies...I truly meant BABIES...I mean (and not be graphic or anything) but this mamma cow still had the afterbirth attached!

Ohhhhh....that yummy bowl of chili, and some coloring while we waited :)

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