Last beautiful day of Indian Summer

I'm so glad that there was at least 1 warm day this weekend.  It has SUCKED sitting inside my cubicle this week knowing how absolutely gorgeous it's been outside.  I DID finally get to take one of the top panels off my Jeep one day, and I think I'm gonna like this feature next summer :)  After we had breakfast and walked the dogs, we went outside to rake leaves and enjoy the weather.  It was weirdly warm outside, but it felt fantastic. 
Here's that smile again...big grin and squinty eyes :)
And here are the dogs on lookout
Here she is gearing up for a big jump!
I think she was having a pretty good time, and so was I just watching her
And could there BE a cuter face?????  Now you might understand why she gets away with so much ;)

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