Dad's defibrillator surgery

My dad had a defibrillator put in last Tuesday.  A scary procedure for all of us (especially Dad) because they were actually cutting him this time.  Thankfully, everything went very well.  While Dad was in recovery, we headed out to one of my favorite places for some lunch:  Dog 'n Suds.
My charco cheeseburger and Izzy's corn dog
Izzy and Auntie Bri had a good time while we were waiting for our food.  And Izzy wore a shirt that Grandma and Grandpa got her...something to the effect that her Grandpa's a biker and he Kicks Butt (thought it would make him happy, and it did :)

I had debated on taking Izzy up to Lafayette, but after seeing the look on Dad's face when he saw her after his surgery, I'm sooo glad I did.  She wanted to sit with Gampaw, so she climbed up in his bed and situated herself here.  I think my Dad was over the moon!

And then Izzy had a sucker.  A blueberry sucker, to be more specific.
 And here is the result :)
 And here she is eating tic tacs with her crazy blue tongues (yes, it was a day filled with candy...so what?)

So far, Dad's doing pretty well.  I think he still has some pain and discomfort, and some dizzy spells if he's standing or walking too long, but hopefully that will subside once he's complete off of his pain medication.

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