Backyard fun to start off the Labor Day weekend!

Izzy and I were sooo happy that it was a holiday weekend (I'm guessing Joacim was pretty happy too :).  Once we got home from daycare, we went straight outside as the weather was gorgeous!!!  It seemed as though all of us had a little bit more energy than normal, which was a great change of pace (at least for me).

I find it really difficult, on weekends such as these, to just relax and enjoy it.  I always seem to have a running list of my own "honey-do" tasks in my head, and tend to feel a bit guilty when I'm not working on them, so I tried REALLY hard this weekend to just take things as they come.  We were originally going to go to Trader's Point Creamery for dinner, but it was pretty windy, which would've made for a not-so-fun dinner, so we decided to go to a Japanese steakhouse instead.  While we were waiting for Joacim to get home from work, we had some fun outside.

Here's Izzy trying to share her snack with me.  Such a polite little thing :)
Rosie's finally starting to play tug with Murphy a bit more.  She may not have nearly as much strength, but she's determined

Ugh!  So much WORK mowing the lawn!
This is a picture of a very happy dog.
Ahhhh!  A new ruff-ruff.  I have no idea where the name for this came from..I think it came from a similar toy that we used to get for my dog, Hershey.  The name doesn't really matter..what matters is that these 2 love it!

Can you see Murphy's tongue sticking out?

Rosie will actually lie on the ground and hold onto the ruff-ruff while Murphy pulls her along in the grass.  HIGH-larious!

And another very happy little doggie

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