Sweden vacation - Jun 22 (day 10) -

This day started out deceivingly beautiful. Sunny…no wind….and actually warm. This was only the 2nd day since we’d been there that I could wear shorts..or so I thought :)  In the meantime, Izzy was quite busy trying on everyone's shoes after breakfast.
What is so awesome about this picture is that I have one of me around the same ago that's VERY similar to this...
Check out the shoes!!!  Blue Pumas!!!
Does this kid take after her mamma or what? :)

And, in all of the excitement/stress of traveling, I completely forgot Father's Day was that past Sunday, so we celebrated it on Tuesday instead.  I made Joacim a book of photos of him and Izzy...one photo for every month since she was born.
I think he like it a lot, and I know she did because she loves to look at pictures of herself.  But then again, who secretly doesn't?  :)
After breakfast, went for a walk around the island. It takes about an hour, but it’s a really nice walk. When we started out, it was warm and sunny. Halfway through, it was getting cloudy and sprinkling. Near the end, it was threatening and raining. ARGH!!!! How can Swedish weathermen always be this incompetent??? We watched the weather, and he said it would be 19-23 deg C and sunny…..no mention of rain. It was actually only 14-16 deg C and cloudy. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. WEATHERMAN.
Since the weather is being so terribly fickle today, we headed into a nearby town to get some pizza and a few groceries. Surprisingly, the pizza was actually good. I say this because Swedes, and even Joacim will agree, typically make crappy pizza. So the key is to go find a place where people other than Swedes own/work (and he’s right :) Jis mom and I shared a pizza with steak, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes and olives, and Joacim had a gyros pizza. Even Izzy ate pizza today!!!!
Naptime...she even sleeps like me...with her mouth open :) 
After she woke up, we went outside to play.  Joacim and Helmut were gathering small rocks to help fix one of the loose stones on the steps to the cottage, so Izzy spent the time going up and down the neighbor's steps.
And now come quiet motorcycle magazine reading with farfar.
And some finger counting with farfar
And now some soccer.  World Cup, baby!!!
And on this night, Joacim's brother and his family arrived.  Here's Izzy and Gwen opening presents that were left by Teresa's friend.  So sweet!
Each of them got a little "suitcase", with some bubbles and a funky worm thingy.  It was such a nice gesture, and the girls loved them.  In fact, we spent a lot of time arguing about who's was who's the rest of the week :)

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