Sweden vacation - Jun 21 (day 9) - Part 2

When we got home, we had dinner, and Izzy ate (FINALLY!) so I had to document it :)

Here’s what we had…bratwrust (which are much better here than at home because they aren’t as grissly), some more cheese, veggies, bread…OMG.  YUM.

There was also a shoe shop in the outlet, and Izzy got these pair of moose clogs!! Love them! If there was one thing I wanted to get while we were here it was Swedish clogs, and these are the best! Granted, it’s taking her some time to learn to walk in them :)

After dinner, we went down to the dock so Joacim could take the little boat out that came with the cottage, and farmor also went.
I know you probably can't see this very well, but these are sheep on the island.  It's so strange to see sheep going right into the water for a drink...no fences or anything
It was pretty chilly by this time, so I'm glad we were able to find her a jacket, not that she seemed to mind whatsoever.
Ok, there are about a gazillion pictures of the sky, but LOOK AT IT!   It was GORGEOUS!
Farfar entertained Izzy by helping her throw pine cones in the water
Here's her cheesy little smile
Purty tree
Once farmor got back, I decided to go.  I figured it was the only way I was going to be able to see the sunset fully, since it was pretty much blocked from the shore
Lovely little (well, not so little I guess) cottage
Look at how still the water is, and the perfect reflection of the edge
These were two sailboats from Denmark
Ok, the rest of these are just sky photos....but sooooooo beautiful

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