Visit from Holly :)

My best friend, Holly, who now lives in Australia, was back in Indiana visiting family, and thankfully made time to come and visit us.  What I love about Holly, and I'm sure I've mentioned this already before, is that no matter how much time has passed since we spoke/Skyped/saw each other, as soon as we're together again, it's as if not a day has passed, and I think that's AWESOME. 

Holly was smart enough to bring a bribe gift for Izzy.....

This picture cracks me up because it reminds me of the time that Holly and I baby-sat Brianne when she was about this age...
I think Izzy's found a friend :)

I miss Holly a bunch, and it becomes even more evident to me whenever I get to see her in person.  It's so easy to talk to her....I don't have to hold anything back or change the way I might say something, because if I screw it up, I know she'll understand what I mean.  I've got a lot of things going on now, and somehow, she manages to help me figure it all out.  And itt's great that technology makes it fairly easy for us to keep in touch, but the 12-hour time difference makes it hard no matter what.  Plus, we're both trying to live or lives to the fullest.

And if you're reading this, Holly, I just want to thank you for everything.  You helped me without even trying :) 

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