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These last few weeks have been hectic.  With trying to get back in the swing of things at work, and trying to catch up on the vacation blog, and working on volunteer events, and trying to get my photography business moving forward, it seems as though life is screaming by lately.  I haven't been able to pick up my camera as much as I'd like either..heck, I hardly have ANY photos of Cracklin' Rosie!  But here are a few phots that I've taken in the last week...

This is how Izzy came home from daycare the other day.  I have no idea how she was able to sit still on Christina's lap this, but I'm glad she did, because it's adorable!
I think this face is funny.  I was standing inside and she was outside when I took this...clearly, she wasn't happy about the situation.
She took a liking to Rosie's crate last week...crawled right in with Rosie and closed the door.  We were just worried that Murphy was going to try to get in there too!
They had a luau at her daycare last Friday.  I didn't have anything particular for the occasion, so I just put Izzy in the brightest thing she has, and I was curious if she'd wear this headband or not.  She kept in on for 5 minutes, but then was done with it, but I had Joacim take it to daycare just in case :)
And she came home wearing it!  Wooo Hooo!  Victory for mamma!  We went out for sushi that night, and she wore it the entire evening...
DAYUM she's such a cutie!
I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but Murphy is laying ON Rosie, completely covering here...and she doesn't seem to mind at all...such a good dog!
Ahhh!  I FINALLY got to be a biker bitch!  We went to get a helmet for me last week, and was fortunate that my friend Liza wanted to keep Izzy overnight, so everything worked out.  It was going to be a date night, but I forgot how tired you can get from riding!  It was a lot of fun, but I gotta get some better sunglasses....these things kept lifting up whenever I'd turn my head, so I spent a lot of time squinting because of the wind.  That part wasn't so great, but everything else was :)
Sometimes, this is where we find her when she's doesn't answer our calls....
And Lemmy has found his place in the home now

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