Sweden vacation - June 17 (Day 5)

We went into the city to do some serious shopping (yippee!), so Izzy took her very first bus ride.  By the look on her face in this photo, you'd think she hated it, but not at all!  She LOVED riding the bus :)

No photos from shopping...Izzy had a meltdown halfway through so we abandoned the mission.  Once we got home, got her fed and napped she was good as new.  That evening, we went to Janne and Annika's (Joacim's best friends) house for dinner.
This is Calle staring intently at some edamame.  I'd never seen a dog eat it, but Calle gobbled it up.

And here's Miss OCD cleaning the patio off with a wet wipe.  She's so very helpful ;)

Happy Girl!
And here's Annika helping Izzy play with one of Calle's toys...it's a stuffed sheep, and Calle loves it.
But Izzy won in the end.
After dinner, we went to see some sheep.
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful buildings
We just jumped the fence and headed right in.  Great thing about sheep is that they're WAYYY more scared of us than Izzy was of them.  I think she kinda liked chasing them.
And after the sheep, we took Calle for a walk.
Isn't he so majestic looking???
And after the walk, ICE CREAM!!!  Or, as she says it, "I keem!  I keem!"
She made a whole bunch of silly faces...not quite sure where they were coming from, but we kept laughing at her, which might be why she kept doing them.
Oh, I LOVE these pictures.  So after a great visit with Janne, Annika and Calle, we headed home, but took a different way.  There's this castle that I LOVE to see, so we drove by it, but just past the castle, I saw these horses to our right, and I asked Joacim to stop the car so I could get out and take some photos.
Beautiful light.....
And the horses started coming closer
and closer.....
oops!  a little TOO close :)
These were beeee-utiful horses, seemingly very well kept and completely unafraid of me.
These horses had better pedicures than I did!!!  Ha!
(sigh :)
I wish I would've gotten Izzy out of the car so she could look at the horses, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get her back in her carseat, so I didn't even try it.  But had I KNOWN that they were going to come up so close, I totally would've taken the chance.
These are a couple of cute little videos I took of her while we were driving home. I love the way she says octopus...it sounds like 'apple deuce' and cracks us up every time. And then she started this thing where she would say "Oh Dear" with a big emphasis on the "oh"..and it was Oh Dear Mamma, Oh Dear Pappa, Oh Dear moon...it could go on and on and on...

And then she started singing the ABC's shortly after that

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