Sweden vacation - Jun 16 (day 4)


By that morning, I was feeling GREAT! Well rested, but legs still swollen.  Joacim’s brother, Daniel, stopped by this morning and spent a little time with Izzy.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL today!!! finally :) So we decided to go to Kungsparken to walk around and see the birds. We were planning on taking Izzy to the playground there, but we didn’t see a slide so we went walking in the park instead.
There were LOTS of little ducklings in this pond....so cute and fluffy!
That's the Turning Torso in the background...tallest building in Scandanavia.

We started to get hungry on our walk, so we stopped at a cafe in the park for a light lunch.  Here was my yummy lunch
And Izzy's lunch (I was trying to get her to eat ANYTHING!  The girl won't even eat pastries!!!)
And everyone else's lunch...some kind of shrimp sandwich.  Definitely not for me, but Joacim LOVES these!
Love seeing all the bikes....wouldn't see this at home :)
And off for more walking to take in the nice weather and sites...

Izzy loved feeding the geese
Sometimes they got a bit TOO close for her :)
more ducklings....they were very friendly...probably used to being hand fed
These flowers are so pretty.  Unfortunately, they are also the stinkiest things!  I guess evolution is working at it's finest here, because they're so stinky that nothing wants to be around them :)
so they THRIVE!

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