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I either can't seem to find the time to post regularly, or I'm not prioritizing properly....this is FRUSTRATING because I'll end up doing 5 posts in one evening, which is ridiculous.  Anyway, I know I don't have a lot of time again (it's already 10:10pm!) but these videos of Izzy are just so damn cute that I can't wait for another time when I'll have "more" time, so screw it.  Here they are :)

Headbanging to Metallica (yeah, I know this one is situtated the wrong way, but there's nothing I can do to fix it, so just tilt your head :) - taken on the way home from dinner one night

Mother's Day 2010
playing in the muddy garden - she LOVES dirt
Izzy and the racoons - taken at our friend's, Bryan and Margaret, house one evening a couple of weeks ago.  This is not an unusually occurrence here, which is so neat!
Giggles (can't see her very well, but you sure can hear her having a good time)
Joacim playing Wii - who jknew this could be so much fun?  So much so, that we went out and bought one the next day!

playing with the Army men (while we played Wii bowling)
Running circles with Aunt Bri
Crawling over Grandma and Grandpa

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Rebecca Kitts said...

She is so beautiful, and such personality!