My little Monkey....

(She's graduated from lilla loppan to lilla apan (Swedish for monkey).  She's pretty clingy most times after work so that's where the monniker is coming from...plus she's starting to like to climb things...)

I love the fact that she's playing with Murphy now.  Sometimes I don't necessarily feel like throwing that Wubba for the thousandth time :), but then Izzy comes over, picks it up and throws it to him (and she's pretty good!)
 The girl LOVES her goldfish crackers, and there's hell to pay for the stupid parent that doesn't have them in their car when she's picked up from daycare (we've BOTH been guilty of this one and paid the price :)
 See?  Monkey.
 Annnnnnnnd tantrum.
 Sidewalk chalk is a GREAT distraction from the tantrums...

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