Office Redux Part 1 - Trip to Ikea

I'm starting an online photography class tomorrow, but the state of our office wasn't really conducive to it.  I swear, receipts would magically multiply in there, with no organization whatsoever, so Joacim and I decided to re-do the office.  We had already started on one side, but I wanted to complete everything before my class started, so we headed off to Ikea last Friday for some serious, but planned, shopping!

Here's Izzy scoping out her future workspace
In order to occupy her while we were looking for things in the warehouse, we gave her a pencil and she went to work
It wasn't ALL work though :)
Here's Izzy waiting for Joacim to bring the car around so we could pack our goodies in the car
It had started to rain, so I put her in the front seat of Joacim's car and she ate goldfish crackers....She looks pretty happy up there :)
I'll show the furniture in the next post

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